A series of visual anthologies tracing Irish female social history form the eighteenth century to the 1920s. Using stories from diaries, letters, old newspapers and historical references the Guides covers fashion & beauty, gossip & scandal, tasty recipes and the latest in medicines and technology.


Each Guide uses quirky facts, visual charm and gentle humour to entertain.. The Guides also contain a selection of handmaid, hand-inserted newspaper snippets, fabric cuttings and dried flowers to evoke each period. The first book is Guide to Dinner Parties and is set in 1780. The second Guide - a Ladies Guide to Marriage is set in the Regency Period and gives advice on how to find a man, how to live with a man and what to do if you discover you don’t actually want a man.

The Ladies Guide to Dinner Parties is available to purchase. Please email me for details. The Ladies Guide to Marriage is still in progress and due to be ready by the end of the year.

ladies guide - hangover