A series of visual anthologies tracing Irish female social history form the eighteenth century to the 1920s. Using stories from diaries, letters, old newspapers and historical references the Guides covers fashion & beauty, gossip & scandal, tasty recipes and the latest in medicines and technology. To date, there are two available. 


Guide to Dinner Parties

– eighteenth-century –


You find yourself in 1780s Ireland and are expected to throw a dinner party. How will you dress? What food will you serve? and what on earth will you talk about?


Guide to Marriage

– regency era –


You find yourself in need of a husband in Regency times. Where will you meet a suitor? How best should you present your charms? Once married, what will you do with yourself all day? And how will you navigate the bedroom at night?

Both Guides are available to purchase - pop over here if  you are interested