Nora's Story

In 1903, in West Cork a 16 year-old woman came to work as a housemaid in the local big house. She was young, timid and naive. Three years later, she left for America, a confident, mature, woman. She married, had children and grandchildren and in her later years, she wrote about her time in Bantry House. On a visit to Ireland, her grandchildren presented the current owner of the house with this manuscript. I helped turn her story into a book available for sale. Nora's story is  a fascinating piece of Irish social history.

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I designed the book to evoke the Edwardian Era. The typography and page layout follow the graphic style of the time and the photographs used appear to be from the 1900s. Most of the images are, in fact, montages, merging old, found images with photographs of Bantry House as it appears today. This device allows a modern reader to imagine theirselves in Nora's shoes.

1  Found image of Edwardian maid cleaning fire.          

2  Photo I took of fireplace in library 

3  Photo montage of the two          

4  Photo album, the design of which I was requested to incorporate          

5  Image as it appears in book   



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